Bought for the Billionaire's BedBought for the Billionaire's Bed

"Salvatore gave a snort of derision. 'Why do people love to interfere?' he demanded."

To get the hordes of predatory women off his back, billionaire Salvatore Cardini impulsively asks his petite office cleaner to be his convenient mistress!

Jessica reluctantly agrees—who would say no to such an incredibly attractive and commanding man? But he is on the international rich list, with a glamorous lifestyle to match, while she has to work two jobs just to survive. What she hasn't realized is her role isn't just to be on his arm in public—but to be his mistress in private, too!

Behind the book: Who doesn't love a Sicilian man? Well, in my latest book I think you'll discover one who is simplyirresistible. For years, Salvatore Cardini has put the needs of his family first, overseeing their liveswith the steely control for which he is renowned and often feared. But with the marriage of his cousin, Vincenzo - Salvatore feels the last of his responsibilities have been lifted and realises that it is now time to take a bride and to begin his own family. He will marry a beautiful young Sicilian girl, but first he will escape to Europe to enjoy a few uncomplicated adventures with a no-strings affair. Unfortunately, he had not bargained on English society hostesses attempting to marry him off - the very last thing he wants. He needs a decoy partner - someone so unsuitable that she will engage gossiping tongues for long enough to allow Salvatore the freedom he craves.

Step forward Jessica. Who could be more unsuitable for a billionaire tycoon than his office cleaner - a little mouse of a thing struggling to hold down two jobs? Jessica can't resist Salvatore's offer - but who could resist this powerful man anything? The trouble starts when she becomes his real-life mistress - a fact which is compounded when she falls in love with him.

In the end, these characters became so real to me - I could really feel their struggle and sense the impossibility of their two conflicting lifestyles ever becoming one. See what you think...