Bought for the Billionaire's BedBought for the Billionaire's Bed

"Our son. I intend taking him to Sicily, Emma—and trying to stop me will seriously backfire against you in the long run."

When Emma's billionaire Sicilian husband found out she was near-enough infertile, their marriage was over. Then, back in England, Emma discovered the impossible had happened -- she was pregnant! But life as a single mother was tough, and, unable to pay her bills, she had only one option. Vincenzo.

Now he knows he is a father, Vincenzo is intent on claiming his son and returning to Sicily with him. If Emma is to stay with her beloved child, she must also return to the marriage bed!

Behind the book: Sicilian men have always intrigued me.  They're strong.  Powerful.  Enigmatic.... and of course, as sexy as hell.  But in Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby - it was Vincenzo's fierce pride which intrigued me most of all.  A man who had been taught to hide away every trace of emotion and to present to the world an image which was invulnerable - because that is what the circumstances of his life had demanded.  Could a man like this learn to love the woman he felt had betrayed him?

And could the essentially English and inexperienced Emma ever fulfill all the expectations of this demanding and complex individual?

This story is given deeper meaning by the relevance of Sicily itself to the hero's character.  And I wondered if this starkly beautiful but often daunting island ever welcome into its arms a woman like Emma....?

If you like this story, then look out for the next one: Bought For The Sicilian Billionaire's Bed, which features Vincenzo's cousin, Salvatore.  And all I will say about Salvatore is.... mmmmm.