The Prince's ChambermaidThe Prince's Chambermaid

He could see her looking at him questioningly, and he stroked at her silken hair. 'Who'd have thought,' he murmured. 'that a couple of weeks' of intensive sexual tuition could make a humble little chambermaid such a perfect partner in bed?'

Cathy's smile didn't slip. She told herself not to react. That he probably wasn't intending to insult her. To concentrate instead on the way he made her feel when his fingers were stroking sweet enchantment over her skin. Anyway, perhaps he couldn't help it - maybe that arrogance was inbuilt, and part of his unique royal make-up. Maybe princes from Zaffirinthos were expected to be arrogant. Far better to accept hi for who he was and not try to change him. Why spoil what was never intended to be anything other than a brief, beautiful liasion?

'Who'd have thought it?' she agreed.