Sharon's Events

In October, I'm heading off to Cheltenham - somewhere I've never visited before (which is always a bonus). But it's not just the stately town hall, the famous spa or the ravishing country side which is luring me westwards - even though new places and different faces inevitably provide inspiration for the ideas-hungry writer.

No, the big, fat jucy carrot is the prestigious Cheltenham Literary Festival - which I'm thrilled to have been invited to. I'll be joining a panel of dynamic women: Virginia McKenna, Stella Duffy and Katie Forde to talk about romance on the page. About what makes an ideal hero. What makes him leap off the page and into your heart - so that like the heroine, you fall hopelessly in love with him. why don't you come along and join in what promises to be a lively discussion? Below is the link:

Other News: Having just delivered a manuscript to my editor and waiting to hear what she thinks of it (always a slightly unreal sensation as I try to imagine what's going on inside her head!) - I am spending my time conjuring up a new plot while trying to catch up on Life's Boring Chores (mainly paperwork). Actually, the nw plot has been suggested to me by the book I've just written - so it feels organic - as if it was meant to happen and I've been charged to tell this particular story about this particular couple. All I have to do now is begin...

And, because I promised to print a photo of my daughter - here we go. Here is the beautiful Celia with the sapphire fingernails! Taken on our recent holiday in blissfully beautiful Umbria - this was us sitting beneath the stars shortly before playing Scrabble with Patrick and Rory. The smiles were before Patrick scrabbled twice in a row... it's a game I love more than any other, but sometimes I wonder if it should be renamed Squabble!